Our Key Ambitions

Our Sustainability Pillars

Our Business

To improve animal health and welfare

Performance highlights 2022


Investment in R&D as % of sales


CPD hours provided

Our Environment

To minimise our impact on the environment

Performance highlights 2022


Waste recycled or reused


Reduction in carbon intensity ratio

Our People

To be a great and safe place to work

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Training and development hours

Living Wage

Employer globally

Our Community

To give back to the communities in which we operate in

Performance highlights 2022


Cash Donations


Product Donations

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Introduction from Paul and Carina

In the year when we have celebrated the 25th anniversary of Dechra, we are proud to be publishing our inaugura standalone Sustainability Report. This sets out the progress we have made so far and our ambitions for the future as we position ourselves for sustainable long term growth.

Paul Sandland
Chief Financial Officer

Carina Kjellberg
Group Sustainability Director

Stakeholder Engagement

Effective engagement drives sustainable value for all of our stakeholders

Engagement with stakeholders is a vital component of our long term sustainability and success. We have identified six key internal and external stakeholder groups that we believe are important to engage with regularly to continue to make Dechra successful: people, veterinary professionals, shareholders, suppliers, communities and regulatory authorities.

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Our Materiality Assessment

In spring 2022, we conducted a materiality assessment to identify the most important sustainability topics to us as a business and to our stakeholders.

The results of the assessment will shape our sustainability strategy, drive our engagement with stakeholders and help us prioritise areas of focus, target setting and guide our reporting and disclosure moving forward.


  • Our Business

  • Our Community

  • Our Environment

  • Our People

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Our Performance

Our sustainability strategy is designed to respond to key macro environmental, social and ethical topics, whist retaining a core element of improving animal health and welfare globally.

Paul Sandland - Chief Financial Officer


Strong Governance and clear lines of accountability support the delivery of sustainable outcomes for us and our stakeholders

The Board takes ultimate responsibility for the Group’s sustainability strategy and is committed to developing and implementing appropriate policies that create and maintain long term value for shareholders. Paul Sandland, Chief Financial Officer, is the Executive Director responsible for ESG, and Carina Kjellberg was appointed as the Group Sustainability Director in March 2021.

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Case Studies

  • Our Community

    Brazilian Volunteering Day